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Cooperation for Peace

Every external tour by rulers highlights that the leadership is keen to complete the path of development and prosperity, announced by Vision 2030 two years ago. Perhaps this week's tour of the Crown Prince, heading east to Asia, comes within the frame by choosing pivotal countries starting with Pakistan.

There are signs that foster the success of the visit of Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz to Pakistan before its commencement. This Muslim country is well aware of the Kingdom's regional and international standing, and its political, economic and political weight, makes it an important and influential country in its surrounding and the world. The two leaderships and peoples are connected with deeply-rooted relationships and cooperation in many common issues. This makes Riyadh and Islamabad two important Islamic allies in the region and the world, and they play a significant role in maintaining the security and stability of the Islamic world.

Thus, it is possible to say that His Highness the Crown Prince's choice of Pakistan to be the first stop of his Asian tour came as a result of a strategic vision of the visionary leadership which sees Islamabad as an important Islamic depth with which economic and political relations should be strengthened in a manner that serves the interests of Saudi and Pakistani peoples. The Crown Prince, through his visit, has sought to consolidate bridges of cooperation and brotherhood with this important Islamic country that he is visiting for the fourth time, in an extension of a long history of visits paid by the Saudi kings and officials to Islamabad, dating back more than 67 years.

The visit of the Crown Prince to Pakistan will not only be limited to political, security and military issues, but will extend to include a series of important economic agreements in the framework of realizing the requirements, projects and goals of Vision 2030, which is adopted by His Royal Highness and makes great advance that has gone beyond expectations.

The results of the visit to Pakistan bring benefit to the Muslim world, just because the Kingdom and Pakistan represent the voice of the Islamic moderation and fight the extremism supported by some regional countries. Rapprochement and cooperation between the two countries reflects the speed elimination of those who seek to distort the image of Islam by supporting terrorism and terrorists.

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