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Human Development Index

The Quality of Life 2020 program is one of the executive programs to achieve the Kingdom's 2030 Vision. It was launched by the Council of Economic and Development Affairs in 2018 with a total spending of SR130 billion, with the aim to improve the lifestyle of the individual and the family and build a society whose members enjoy a balanced lifestyle. 

The Kingdom is classified among countries with very high human development, and therefore it ranked second in the Arab world and thirty-sixth globally on the list of countries with very high human development, according to the Human Development Report issued by the United Nations Development Program for 2019. 

The report was announced a few days ago, as a natural reflection of the efforts made to implement the Vision's programs, improve the quality of life level, achieve sustainable development and keep up with all the globally-accelerated variables of development.

The report showed that the Kingdom ranked three places globally during 2019 compared to 2018. 

This reflects the efforts made to provide the environment necessary to create new options that enhance the participation of citizens and residents in cultural, recreational and sports activities, and diversify the economic activity, leading to the inclusion of Saudi cities on the list of the best cities to live in the world.

The Quality of Life Program in the Kingdom focuses on improving the quality of life by developing lifestyles and improving infrastructure. 

Since the declaration of the Vision and its development programs, the Kingdom has been witnessing many achievements at the level of pillars that the Program targets, including infrastructure and transportation projects, security and social environment, housing and urban design and the environment, health care, education and economic opportunities, in addition to other pillars such as hosting international entertainment, sports and cultural events, creating the atmosphere in stadiums and organizing hundreds of events within Saudi Arabia Seasons.

The developments achieved by the Kingdom in the indicators of countries with high human development have greatly reflected on the economic scene, created many attractive investment opportunities, and contributed to the emergence of many new jobs after the economic changes in many economic activities and events that are held in many cities, especially associated with organizing recreational, sports and cultural events, exhibitions and festivals. 

These developments also included businesses, small and medium enterprises, and updating of many systems to support investment in sectors related to the Quality of Life Program, which will make the Kingdom's economy more prosperous and will make the Saudi society more vital, as stipulated in the Quality of Life Program.

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