Riyadh Daily
For the good of present and future

The Saudi leadership has set on a path aimed at opening the doors to the future by keeping pace with modernity and the latest developments in science and technology. Rather than being passive users of the outcome of scientific advancements, the Kingdom is now seeking to be a partner in such developments.
In his interview with The Times, the Crown Prince dealt with internal and external affairs, related to politics, economics, defense, and the community. He was transparent, as usual. He said that Saudi society should keep abreast with advancements as per its tolerant Islamic religion and authentic Arab values and lead normal and balanced lives.  
The Crown Prince lays the foundations for a historic phase based on Vision 2030, making the Kingdom step forward steadfastly and confidently. The targeted change seeks to cover all aspects of life. The new thinking will transfer Saudis from stereotyped images to a more sense of creativity.
The Crown Prince has connected the dots in many areas analyzing the internal and external affairs and diagnosing the troubles hindering progress in the region. Iran tops these problems, in addition to terrorism and terrorists, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood whose target is to penetrate common people and spread feelings of hatred among them.   
Crown Prince Mohammed has the characteristics of leaders who know what to do. The Kingdom is surely assured of its present and future.

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