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First World Projects

No civil society can ever achieve stability without strong security that contains all sectors of life; health, military, industrial and sustainable resources. All of these are stable components in the first world countries, especially in the United States and Europe.

They are also important reasons that made these countries advanced. When the infrastructure is completed in all areas, these countries devote themselves to competition in industry and trade, which results in permanent growth in the GDP that is reflected in their overall economy.

In this trend, the Kingdom, since declaring Vision 2030 and the launch of a number of programs supporting it, has developed its national economic transformation as target of the lonely resource based on oil, to various resources through the exploitation of a number of mineral wealth elements and alternative energy such as solar and nuclear ones. Above all, the Kingdom has exploited the national young manpower which has become one of the most important elements of the Kingdom's global strength and competition in the world scene.

The overall strategic projects, laid out or launched yesterday by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, distributed to the sectors of energy, medicine, aircraft industry and research, have come as practical confirmation of the expansion in key development sectors to boost economic growth in scientific fields that lead us to further technical indigenization and exploitation of national human and scientific capabilities.

Establishing the first nuclear research reactor in the Kingdom, mainly aimed at developing the nuclear industry and its specialized research and transferring their techniques to support the national atomic energy project and the national laboratory of "Saudi Human Genome", will be a turning point in reducing the mortality and genetic diseases in newborns, as well as displacing a financial burden estimated at billions of riyals from the state treasury.

The Center for the Development of Aircraft Structures reflects the important transformation announced by the Crown Prince in the expansion of military manufacturing within the Kingdom. Aiming to enhance the water security and to meet our desalinated water needs, the importance of two projects is highlighted; desalination using the absorption technology in Yanbu and Khafji, inaugurated by the Crown Prince, and the same investment in the "new oil" by launching the production line of solar panels and cells. All these projects explore the capabilities of the Saudi youth and expand the cognitive, industrial and scientific indigenization.

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