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Iran: 3.5 million workers in black market workshops are forgotten

In a shocking admission on September 11, 2019, Ali Khoda’i, a member of the regime’s Supreme Council on Labor told Tasnim news agency, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards’ terrorist Qods Force, “3.5 million workers work in underground workshops. Their statistics are not recorded anywhere.

These workshops are unofficial and unmarked. Tailors on Jomhouri Street have no worker identification cards… Workers in unregistered workshops are among the forgotten. There are plenty of temporary contracts in these workshops… Workers who deal with many labor contractors associated with government, public and non-governmental entities are among those who sign temporary contracts with the contractors. If they protest, they will be immediately fired.” He also said that the minimum wage for workers “provides only for 35 percent of their expenses.” 

This admission offers a window into the disasterous living conditions of millions of Iranian laborers who live under the most horrific economic conditions. The primary reason for this situation is the clerical regime policies, that has brought nothing but corruption, poverty and unemployment for the Iranian people, especially workers and laborers.

Protests and strikes by workers against the regime’s anti-labor policies, the non-payment of their wages, and the lack of the minimum safeguards at work are continuing.

On September 12, workers in districts 4, 5, and 6 of the municipality in Ahvaz, southwest Iran, stopped work and held a gathering outside the municipality’s office in protest against the non-payment of their wages in the past five months. The same day, workers at Haft Tappeh sugarcane factory staged a protest for the fourth consecutive day.

Also on September 12, workers at the Meter factory in Qazvin, western Iran, staged a protest as they have done in the past few weeks. They gathered outside the office of the city’s Friday prayer leader and demanded their wages, unpaid for the past four months.

The Iranian Resistance calls on all international organizations defending workers’ rights, particularly the International Labor Organization,as well as workers’ syndicates and unions to condemn the mullahs’ anti-labor policies and express support for the rights of the destitute Iranian workers.

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