By: Hissa Salman Al-Rooqi
Saudi Arabia, top global donor for humanitarian

Saudi Arabia continues to impress the world with its humanity, justice, and benefits that transcended to reach out to all the countries in need, shattered by war or ruined by a natural disaster.
And even with going through an evolving point and indirect attacks, all what Saudi Arabia aims for is spreading peace, showing hospitality and build a productive generation and a strong economy.
Saudi Arabia was ranked as the biggest worldwide donor and one of the largest providers of aid to the Palestinian people, and ever since 1980, Saudi has provided foreign assistance, economic and financial support to many regional nations and helped developing countries in general.
This is Saudi Arabia in recent events; King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelif) recently sent 70 trucks to Yemen carrying 1,200 tons of food and accommodation and another to Port Sudan carrying food and medical assistance, donating 2.5 billion to end Jordan’s economic crisis, and $114 million to aid Syrian refugees. It does not stop there, the amount of donations for this year only is $32,902,275,786 (SR123,383,466,696), according to data provided by the Electronic Platform for Saudi International Aid.
No matter how hard I try, no words can properly justify what Saudi Arabia is, and we will leave that to be expressed by actions.

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