Islamabad - SPA
Pakistan confirms support for Saudi Arabia's right in defending its sovereignty

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan confirmed its full support for the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in defence of its sovereignty and rejection of
interference in internal affairs of any other country.

In a statement by the Pakistani foreign ministry issued in Islamabad
today, Pakistan said it was concerned and closely following the crisis
between the Kingdom and Canada and confirms its solidarity with the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The statement added that Pakistan supports the sovereignty of
countries and the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of
other countries, citing the UN agreements, particularly, the
international sovereignty law, as stating the respect of sovereignty and
non-interference to enhance peaceful and friendly relations among

It said that Pakistan also supports the statements issued by the
Organization of Islamic Countries that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
enjoys great respect at the regional and international arenas, adding
that Saudi Arabia also enjoys respect of the people of Pakistan.

The statement confirmed that Pakistan stands by the side of its
sisterly country of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in protection of its
sovereignty based on the current fraternal deep-rooted historical
relations between the two countries.

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