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Different Lebanon

The political class in Lebanon continues its wrong reading of the massive and constant popular movement while offering useless suggestions and ideas to the street whose awareness has more arisen and is no longer deceived by stopgap solutions and political prevarication. It is the same street whose overwhelming majority got rid of the partisanship and sectarian intolerance and can no longer be infiltrated and its Lebanese content cannot be fragmented.

The old political class in Lebanon does not understand that it is the main party targeted by mobility, even if its first spark was produced with economic or service demands. 

The Lebanese people are now firmly convinced that there will be no solution to their problems in this political environment with all its symbols, language and troubled balances, and no superficial surgeries can ever work out in the treatment of the sick body, as a complete change is necessary among all parties of the old political scene, and a new political class belonging only to Lebanon should be presented. 

This is evidenced through the Lebanese movement's demand for a competent and independent government that is completely disconnected from the old class that has been long under the control of the same parties.

The problem is that this delay in responding to the demands of the people brings Lebanon more closer to the point of collapse, which will be difficult to save Lebanon from the abyss afterwards. 

It is a fate in which everyone will lose, first and foremost is the Iranian regime which sees its investment in Lebanon as its most effective destructive project, represented by Hezbollah which is under the authority of Tehran's mullahs that led the country to this bleak phase of its history, but they are still insisting stubbornly, maneuvering and proclaiming their surplus weapons and trumpets to intimidate the rebellious street and suppress the liberation movement from Iran and party politicians.

The current coalition of Hezbollah and Lebanese President Michel Aoun is behind the state of intransigence in Lebanon. It is unlikely that they would make any concessions and give up their gains to the detriment of the citizen. Yet, on the other side, the Lebanese do not seem ready to go back as they took off their robe of fear last October and things can no longer be brought back as they used to be.

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