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Despite the unprecedented scientific progress, and the massive revolutions in the fields of medicine and pandemic preparedness, the new "Corona" epidemic that is arousing a global panic these days has come to reveal that the world is never immune as we think, and that the human march, despite its great stability and great discoveries, cannot answer all cosmic questions, as stated in the noble verse of the Holy Qur'an: "And mankind have not been given of knowledge except a little."

The new epidemic due to which entire cities have been isolated, and many airlines have suspended their flights to areas of disease spread, reminds us of the limits of humankind, who may have thought, in the light sludge of development and amazing achievements of science, that they are capable of doing everything, and that there are no limits to their capabilities. 

Yet, the divine wakes them up every time from their delusion. These Australian fires could not be stopped by all technology products, and there are floods and earthquakes that leave behind devastation in the most advanced and knowledgeable civilization, and now new strains of Corona has come to cause panic and alert all over the globe.

Of course, no one should underestimate science and knowledge findings and their grace to luxury and progress we live in today's world, and the increase of longevity due to the great progress in the fields of medicine and public health.

Yet, such challenges in the face of humanity from time to time are an ideal opportunity for humankind to truly remember their limits, and never use their power to behave proudly over others, digest their rights, wreak havoc, or harness their knowledge in the service of evil and harm.

The new attack of the mutated Corona epidemic tells us that the world of the twenty-first century is still fragile, and the boundaries of knowledge are still far away despite all this long march. 

Humanity should learn from the lessons of nature and hard tests to make up their mind and give up bullying, dominance and exclusion and tend to the policies of cooperation and integration to bring good for all of humanity, just as it happened with the new epidemic when an unknown virus managed to unite the world’s efforts against it, and we all should remember the words of Allah Almighty: for man to always remember: "but over every lord of knowledge is one, the All-Knowing."

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