Riyadh Daily
Public awareness as weapon

Saudi Arabia’s war against terrorism continues on all fronts. And at the forefront of these efforts is the citizen, who is well aware of the conspiracies being plotted against their homeland by enemy countries and organizations. In fact, the citizen is the basis on which all governmental counterterrorism efforts are built.
It is this determination on the part of the Saudis that will destroy all aspects of terrorism.  Every attempt by the Kingdom’s enemies to promote extremist ideologies among citizens is bound to fail.
With the security forces continuously making inroads in their fight against terrorists, the people have become more and more aware of the dangers posed by terror elements. They are now well-experienced in dealing with terrorist attacks against the Kingdom. They cherish their sense of responsibility in confronting enemies of the nation and cooperating with the security organs in the interest of peace. They often provide important information on wanted terrorists in the true spirit of “citizen is the first security man.”
Notwithstanding the media campaigns launched against Saudi Arabia and attempts to undermine its security, public awareness is a weapon valued by the Kingdom. The public have raised their voices on social media platforms against terrorism-supporting countries and the groups implementing the agenda of these enemies.
Saudis recognize the fact that counterterrorism is a long-drawn and expensive affair. But Saudi Arabia will always be committed to wipe out terrorism. Saudis are ready to make sacrifices for defending their country and the holy sanctuaries. Saudi society is too strong to be penetrated by terror-mongers. And the Kingdom will maintain its pace of defending Arab and Muslim causes.

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