Riyadh Daily
Saudi Arabia …safety valve

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz has launched an initiative for hosting the meeting of leaders from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Jordan in Makkah to discuss ways of supporting Jordan to exit its economic crisis. 
It is a historic initiative by King Salman who is known for his keenness on safeguarding sister countries’ stability and security and confronting all schemes undermining the Arabs’ national security.
Saudi Arabia has a record of benevolent initiatives in support of Arabs and Muslims. These indisputable facts are not subjected to political calculations and unilateral interests.
The Kingdom has been the safety valve and lifeline for the Arab world since its foundation by late King Abdulaziz. It is accustomed to the support of sister countries of whatever challenges, without seeking any returns. 
Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has reserved no effort in maintaining the security of sister countries. It has offered sacrifices as well as political, economic and military support to defend Arabs’ questions.
As for the present Saudi initiative, it comes while Jordan is suffering from an exceptional economic crisis in terms of magnitude and impacts. Additionally, there is the geopolitical status requiring an Arab stance appropriate for the challenges faced by Jordan and its Arab atmosphere. This initiative aims at preventing attempts to use this crisis for implementing agendas targeting the security and stability of Jordan.
The initiative shall encourage for more realistic endeavors and shared policies with clear visions for crisis management in any sister country. No country will be stable in a region inflicted with crises and chaos. It is a time of coalitions and strategic alliances.

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