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Over 15 Million Zamzam Water Bottles Distributed at Grand Holy Mosque

The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet's Holy Mosque has distributed over 15 million Zamzam water bottles since the return to Umrah performance.

As a part of implementing precautionary and preventive measures and harnessing technologies to serve visitors of the Grand Holy Mosque, the General Presidency has provided smart robots to distribute bottles of Zamzam water. During a tour of approximately 10 minutes, the robot distributes 30 bottles of Zamzam water. The robot can work up to eight hours without any human intervention and stops only for 20 seconds to be refilled with the bottles.

The General Presidency also provided back bags and cylinder bags to distribute Zamzam water.

It seeks to provide the highest levels of safety and quality and apply the highest standards in order to achieve health quality via taking samples of the water and examining them daily to ensure their safety. The General Presidency is also working on providing auto taps for Zamzam water.

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