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KPMG announces joining of 100 fresh Saudi graduates in 2021

As in previous years, KPMG in Saudi Arabia is proud to announce that a good number of Saudi nationals joined our family this year.  Many of the new joiners were in the KPMG Graduates Program with the remainder taking an internship position across the firm’s various functions and offices in Saudi Arabia.

The firm’s Graduates program is part of its commitment to Vision 2030 to develop and train Saudi talents. The program provides exceptional learning and professional development opportunities to young Saudi talents. It further aims to build a foundation of expertise for KPMG's business through a combination of diverse assignments and a concentrated on-job development plan. 

The three-year graduates' program starts with attracting and recruiting top graduate talents, followed by on-job training, exam preparation training and mentorship. KPMG ensures young Saudi talents feel settled and have the required knowledge to perform their daily tasks up to a high standard. The ultimate goal of this program is to support the young talents to acquire knowledge, experience and pass the professional qualification that will help them launch successful careers.

"Investing in our young Saudi talent is a strategic priority for KPMG. We want to nurture our young and dynamic local talents that will empower and equip the leaders of tomorrow," commented Dr. Abdullah Al Fozan, Chairman of KPMG in Saudi Arabia.

"The aim of our Graduates Program is to develop the next generation of leaders through challenging and interesting assignments, accompanied by comprehensive training sessions. They will be able to boost their resumes with solid work experience and accreditation," he concluded.

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