By: Lama Al-Dosari
How to take advantage of every second of summer?

Summer is the time to relax and forget about work and the daily routine that comes with it. It is also a time where one can grow and develop as a person. For that to happen one must devote their time to it. In summer, it is easy to lose track of time, develop unhealthy habits, and be unmotivated. Change is necessary to avoid being in that state. 
The changes that must accrue for one to be motivated do not need to be drastic. They can be as little as reorganizing one's surroundings which will alert the brain that there is a change in environment. Also, creating a designated area to focus one's self and on what they love will help their productivity. Studies show that the human behavior is affected by its environment and that the brain associates certain tasks with certain places. For example, if a person starts doing their work on their bed they will have a harder time trying to sleep; because the brain considers the bed as a work area and not as a resting or a sleeping area. Therefore, by creating an area that solely exists for being creative and doing what one loves the brain will focus on that specific task.
Another thing one can change to increase their motivation is limiting technology, especially mobile phones. People have become so attached to these devices, which can be useful sometimes. However, overusing them and spending days staring at a screen is more harmful. As it can cause social, psychological, and health issues. As one stray's away from these devices they will notice how much free time they have and how they can use it to benefit them. Therefore, by limiting the time spent on a mobile phone, one will have more time to spend on more important things like improving themselves.
For a person to improve and develop they must choose the area in which they would like to change or improve. Then they start searching for ways to improve upon it. Whether it is by reading books, going to classes, or learning from other people's experience.
To make the most out of summer, one should set goals and strive to achieve them. However, it is important to take care of one's self and invest the time to relax, socialize, and enjoy life. As it is the purpose of summer.

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