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Saudi Press: Royal Order Extending 142 Initiatives, Targeting Individuals and Economy

Saudi newspapers highlighted in their editorials today a number of issues, at local, regional, and international arenas.

Al-Yaum newspaper said in its editorial that the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is effectively dealing with the impacts of the new Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) to mitigate the financial and economic impacts on individuals, private sector enterprises and investors.

The paper pointed to the royal decree that orders to extend a number of government initiatives for an additional period, to achieve full benefit from the initiatives announced since the beginning of the pandemic. The paper added that the initiatives focused on supporting Saudi workers, private sector enterprises and investors.

The paper said that the royal degree includes 142 initiatives targeting individuals, private sector enterprises and investors, valued SAR 214 billion, in addition to a number of ministerial committees that were formed to assess and study the effects and repercussions of the emerging Coronavirus crisis and its challenges.

The paper concluded by confirming that the government of Saudi Arabia did not neglect any humanitarian, economic, educational, and health aspects and everything related to the natural life cycle.

Al-Riyadh newspaper said in its editorial that the Ministry of Culture has announced the launch of the "National Cultural Awards" initiative, by opening the participation and nomination for public.

The paper explained that the initiative includes 14 cultural awards, that will be awarded annually for the most important cultural achievements of Saudi individuals or institutions active in Saudi Arabia.

The paper concluded that the National Cultural Awards initiative comes within the quality of life program, to achieve the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

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