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Blackmail…not rescue

Despite all the political, economic and humanitarian crises created by Iran within its expansionist scheme in the region, and despite all the disasters caused by it, which led the international community to reach a nuclear deal with it in 2015, and the United States pulled out of it in protest against Iran's non-serious commitment to and blatant circumvention of the deal, now we are following up the attempts, especially the European ones, to keep the nuclear deal under pretexts that never serve peace, stability and development in the region.

Iran sees in European (eagerness) a strong means to keep the deal in the way as it sees fit, dropping the hint about the millions of commercial contracts of the European companies that could go to it if they continue to press their governments to accept a new agreement. It is evident that these companies have succeeded in reaching their goal, otherwise, why do these governments ride out for gaining the satisfaction of the bloody Iranian regime, which knew how to deal with this issue by dropping the hint about the commercial contracts, and made the Europeans salivate and reach an agreement that satisfies him before it satisfies them?!

The Europeans are well aware of the subversive practices by the Iranian regime and its role in destabilizing the region by involving itself in the affairs of the Arab countries in particular. They well know about the atrocities committed against humanity. However, the commercial interests have turned them away from any of these practices despite their horror, and at the same time demanding the application of human rights in the region in an unacceptable contradiction, especially as the first violator of human rights in the region is Iran with which they want to keep the nuclear deal for their commercial interests.

When the United States pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran, it had good reasons, and when Europe wants to keep the deal, its reasons measure up to suspicion.

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