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Going to Unknown

We were very pleased with the Qatari participation in the two emergency Gulf and Arab summits respectively, and the Islamic summit after them. 

But, we were disappointed after the Qatari disgraceful withdrawal from the Islamic summit at the time of convening, which represents the lowest diplomatic standards. 

We discovered that the Qatari regime is far from rationality, balance and sovereignty of position.  

That was accompanied by the Qatari Foreign Minister's statement after his country's participation in the three historic summits, which undoubtedly unmasked the Qatari regime's political ignorance, and that does not perfect the alphabets of dealing with situations. 

This ignorance came to reveal a shallow political thought incapable of dealing with events even with the diplomacy of silence at the very least.

The Qatari regime brought its ignorance to the surface, adherent to its different trends that are contrary to the Gulf and Arab trends which it is supposed to be part of them and in solidarity with them. 

Yet, it chose the opposite direction clearly demonstrating that those who make the Qatari policy do not have a Gulf or even an Arab affiliation, do not seek the good of Qatar and take it to the unknown leading to the abyss.

Qatar is geographically a Gulf Arab state, with unknown policies and direction. Even if we assume that the maker of those policies believes to be true, shouldn't have he left door slightly open for Qatar's return to the natural incubator  rather than shutting all the doors in the suicide operation with unexpected consequences.

We knew later that the Qatari participation was not a result of a sovereign decision or a true desire for a new beginning as we hoped. 

Signs of forced attendance were apparent on the face of the head of the Qatari delegation, who seemed to be forced to attend and participate. 

Those signs were also apparent in the withdrawal whose justification was uglier than doing it. We are all aware that Iran and its affiliated militias are the cause of the region's crises. It is an unambiguous reality. 

Qatar came to defend it desperately in manner that contradicted the Gulf and Arab consensus that we didn't wish to see but it happened and became a disgrace in the history of the Qatari regime. 

His disgrace will be written down by the history and memorized by successive generations as happened with Abu Raghal

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