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Economy Cleansing

Economists describe concealment as the cancer of local economy, which for years ate away the body of economy and brought to it the most serious problems of unemployment, security risks, fraud and illegal competition, a hidden economy, harmful financial transfers, distortion of the labor market, controlling economic sectors and depriving the country and its citizens. of their revenues.

In this connection, the Minister of Commerce and Investment announced that the National Anti-Commercial Concealment Program 2020 will be launched next Sunday as one of the initiatives by the Ministry to terminate concealment and undermine the expansion of commercial fraud. 

This will be in participation with several governmental bodies including the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monshaat), the General Authority for Zakat and Tax, the Monetary Authority and the General Authority for Investment, which confirms the government's determination to eliminate this phenomenon and provide an attractive investment environment in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

Unifying efforts among government agencies in combating commercial concealment is one of the important demands to eliminate the phenomenon. 

It is hoped that the National Anti-Commercial Concealment Program will focus on enacting more severe penalties for parties to the crime of concealment and monitoring the sources of funds transferred by the concealers, which exceed times the monthly salaries they receive, in addition to updating legislations and regulations to combat concealment, tighten penalties and promote awareness.

The indigenization project that the State is working on with all its bodies will not be achieved if the phenomenon of concealment continues to eat away the body of economy.

Specialists believe that there is a relationship between concealment and indigenization of the commercial sectors, which is direct. 

Indigenization will not be achieved if concealment continues to hit, and everyone sees it clear. Even with the beginning of the indigenization of several sectors recently, some of them remind us of the pseudo Saudization projects because concealers' circumvent the systems, as some residents are still doing their businesses under a fake cover of employing a Saudi who acts only as a cashier.

Citizens must look at concealment as a crime, but not just an offence. They should their required roles in order to dry up the sources of concealment. 

To be aware of its danger, we should know that it is one of the main reasons for the size of our unemployed citizens by the end of the third quarter, according to the data of the General Authority for Statistics, to reach 923.5, as well as the annual losses estimated by some studies of more than SR 236 billion a year.

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